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 Tmnt werehouse

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Favorite Turtle : Kirby. yeah werent expecting that werent you?
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PostSubject: Tmnt werehouse   Tmnt werehouse Icon_minitimeFri Nov 19, 2010 6:55 pm

i didnt see this anywhere here on this forum so im not sure if you guys know...
i just wanted to say that kevin eastman is selling his whole collection.
the entire thing
in one shot
on ebay
right now
50 crates
25 years of mercantdise
some boxes havent been open in 20 years.
but its pretty f**king expensive
for fifty thousand dollars you can get one of every ninja turtle item ever!!!!!!!!
if your like wtf? right now just read this

ps what are the turtles doing in this avatar?
:leoraph: :mikedon:
are they wrestling or somthing else....
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Favorite Turtle : Itīs very hard to choose cause they all have different personalities. Leo because he cares about his family more than anything else. Raph because heīs not what he appears to be, heīs actually a nice person (or should I say turtle?). Don is the most sensitive and intelligent of the 4 and, who could forget about Mikey? I love him because heīs got a free spirit and can put everyone LOL, even in danger situations.
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PostSubject: Re: Tmnt werehouse   Tmnt werehouse Icon_minitimeSat Nov 20, 2010 8:11 am

WOW! That guy's nuts! Huh...I wish I could buy that...it's too cool to be truth...

Thanks for the great news turco!
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Tmnt werehouse
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