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 Crazd's crazed comics

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Favorite Turtle : I love Mikey the most for his childish humor (and kick butt fighting style with those chucks!) that makes me laugh evey time I see an eppie with him in it, no matter how many times I see that episode. YET...I have come to respect them all. Donnie for his strong intellect and ability to make a smart joke (which, most of the time, I get them!), Raph for his Tough Turtle attitude and soft side (OMGsh, so CUTE!!), and Leo for his leader personality and caring for his family (if only he didn't take the blame so much...). And who could forget Master Splinter, the rat that loves and trains and is funny in his "old man" way!
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PostSubject: Crazd's crazed comics   Sun May 15, 2011 12:30 am

This post will be all words, but that's because my iPod doesn't have a scanner, and no uploadieeeeee...but, I will tell you the basic outline of the stories

1. Nine Sixteen: You all know it as the comic in my fanfic "A Wolf Among Us". The story is that there's a race of supernatural creatures that have been hiding from man for thousands of years. One would determine if they were to be revealed to the world or not, Falljoy. She carries the same demonic powers as a villain called "The Scourge of the Shadows", and since she does, she is the only one that can defeat him, everyone else is defenseless against demonic powers. He leads a pack of fifteen others, who, by taking a blood oath, receved the unholy powers, some of them had their fur patterns change. The Scourge tries to kill Falljoy along with her sister, but the love of her father sacrifices himself for them, with his mate getting caught in the crossfire. After this, she is emotionally stolid in one way, so much looser in another. When she realizes just who killed her parents, she sets out to challenge him and kill him. Knowing that she can't handle this alone, eight close friends in her pack secretly join her and also take an oath, but no demonic powers gained here, just an oath that forms an alliance, the Nine. Falljoy's sister meets up with them after a while, but does not take the oath. The Scourge's (Slither) plan is to get revenge on the humans, for a father and a son of the few humans that know their secret killed his mate and daughter. Naturally, he already killed those two, but now he wants the entire human population gone, laying waste to packs, herds, colonies, and flocks in his spare time.

Well, that's just basic, and it's still a lot. But, that's all for now. I'll have art by Monday and another comic idea put here by then too. Yet, it's late and I'm tired, very. Good night.
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Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: Re: Crazd's crazed comics   Sun May 15, 2011 1:10 am

Duuuuuuuuude! Can't wait, Craz'd!
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Crazd's crazed comics
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