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 New TMNT Crossover Fic

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Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: New TMNT Crossover Fic   New TMNT Crossover Fic Icon_minitimeMon Dec 12, 2011 10:33 pm

So I'm about to make this a bit confusing. I've come out of my slum and have officially discontinued my other stories. I'm going to start fresh again, as if the other stories don't exist and have no need to be continued. So This is a fic crossover with one of my favorite book series. And, of course, I'm making the turtles human. I have a bad habit of doing that. I'll try to update regularly, but you know, it can be tough.

Chapter One- Weir in NYC

Four brothers sat on the roof of the Empire State building. One of them was about six feet tall and pretty muscular, with jet black short hair and bright green eyes. His name was Raphael. Another was as tall as Raph, only he was less obviously muscled and had more brown hair, with the same green eyes. His name was Leonardo. One of them had darker brown hair with brown eyes and he was tall and lanky. Donatello, the smart one. The last was shorter than his brothers, with orange-blonde hair and mischievous eyes. Michelangelo.

"Why are we sitting up here again?" Mikey asked, shivering. He was wearing a basic orange long-sleeved shirt and cargo pants, and they didn't help with the cold all that much.

"Watching. You never know when enemies might show up." Leo replied, not taking his eyes off the streets below.

"But I'm bored." Mikey complained.

"Who cares?" Raph asked, spinning his sai on his index finger. "Look."

The others crowded by the railing, trying to see what he saw. What they did was an amazing, yet slightly disturbing sight.

A man, maybe six three with hard, packed on muscle and red-gold hair was in the middle of a heated sword fight with a girl, and his sword was spurting flames.

The girl ducked in under another wide arc he swung and hit his ribs with the flat of her blade. The ninjas on the roof had in the meantime started their descent to the girl's rescue, and they got there just then, Raphael tackling the guy and Leo holding the girl back. The guy sputtered, kicked Raph off and glared.

"What the hell?!" He demanded. "Get your hands off her!" He raised his sword angrily.

"Jack! Calm down!" The girl called.

"You okay?" the guy asked, and the ninjas were surprised to see his ice blue eyes soften as she nodded. She pulled away from Leo, sheathing her sword, and wrapped herself in the man's arms.

"Okay, now I'm confused." Mikey said, eyeing the couple nervously.

"I think you four got the wrong impression when you saw them fighting. That's normal for Ellen and Jack." A tall, lanky boy with jet black curly hair and blue-green eyes walked toward them. "I'm Seph McCauley, and that's Jack Swift and Ellen Stephenson." He gestured at the couple.

"It looked like he was trying to kill her," Leo said. Jack opened his mouth, eyes darkening with anger, but Seph held up a hand.

"Yeah, it probably did. See, the world has six categories that people like us divide the population into. Guilds. There's Ana-weir, Wizards, Warriors, Enchanters, Seers, and Sorcerers. jack and Ellen are warriors. Fighters." Seph's voice was soothing, but it just made the boys more anxious.

"What are you?" Don asked.

"I'm a wizard. Madison," he gestured at a girl behind him that had been previously unnoticed by the ninjas, "used to be an elicitor, but now she's the Dragon Heir. Confusing, right?"

"A little." Don admitted.

"A lot," Mikey corrected.

"Look, why don't you come back to our hotel. You can meet my dad, he's a lot better at explaining then I am," Seph smiled.

"Yeah, you kinda suck at it," Madison told Seph. Raphael, who was having a glare-off with Jack, looked over at Seph suddenly.

"What does this have to do with us?" he demanded.

"We came to NYC looking for you," Jack said. "And it looks like we got lucky. It's not everyday somebody interrupts a training session." He chuckled.

"Okay. Let's go." Leo said. So the group of eight started making their way back to the hotel, four of them with a million questions.

Next Chap will be longer, this is sort of an intro.
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Number of posts : 768
Age : 24
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New TMNT Crossover Fic Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100New TMNT Crossover Fic Right_bar_bleue

Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: Re: New TMNT Crossover Fic   New TMNT Crossover Fic Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 7:00 pm

Two- Trinity

Jess Solari sat on one side of a table, drumming the surface with her fingers. Blowing some black/platinum blonde hair out of her bright blue eyes, she sighed theatrically; she was on hotel arrest, the ultimate form of torture. Will Childers, her 'secret boyfriend', sat on her bed, the remote on his lap while Harmon Fitch sat on Jack's. They were watching the news.

"Jessalyn, are you eve listening to me?" The man across from her demanded. Leander Hastings was a tall wizard, he looked almost exactly like his son but his face was slightly more angular, and his eyes didn't change colour from hour to hour and day to day.

"Not really," Jess answered blandly, looking up at him through her long bangs. Hastings sighed and shook his head. Jessalyn Downey-McCauley-Hastings Solari was like a hyperactive puppy- endless energy due to her Warrior stone and absolutely no desire whatsoever to listen to him.

"Just go watch TV with your boyfriend," Hastings got up. Three shocked faces whipped toward him.

"You...You know?" Will gulped.

"It wasn't hard to figure out." Hastings smiled slightly.

"Please, Hastings, please don't tell," Jess begged. He nodded and all three visibly relaxed.

"If I may ask- how does Fitch know if no one else does?"

"It was his idea to keep it secret." Will admitted. Fitch grinned. "It seemed easier, and Jack won't get mad."

"I'll leave you three then." Hastings walked through the adjoining door between suites. Jack, Jess, Seph and Linda Downey- Seph's and Jess' mom, Jack's aunt and Hastings' love- shared one room because they were all related and Ellen, Madison, Will, Fitch and Hastings got stuck in the other, mostly because they needed supervision otherwise Hastings would be in the other room.

After he left, Jess got up and sat next to Will. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and Fitch rolled his eyes, still smiling. Soon, though, there was a banging on the door and Will jumped so high he fell into the area between Jess and Jack's beds.

"Scare ya, Will?" Jack asked, grinning from the door. He walked into the room and Seph walked in behind him, annoyed look present on his face and key card in hand. Ellen followed, Waymaker strapped to her back, and then four boys, with Madison trailing behind. She shut the door as Jack jumped onto his bed next to Fitch. Will and Fitch were Jack's best friends.

"Ha ha ha ha no," Will lied nervously, rubbing the back of his head as he stood and sat on the edge of Jess's bed. Jack was Jess's cousin, and he treated her like a younger sister- she was the closest thing he had to one. He was really protective and if he found out Will was dating her it would give him the excuse to brutally murder Will.

"Guys, this is Jess, Will and Fitch," Seph gestured at the three. The four boys nodded. "Jess, Will, Fitch, this is Leo, Raph, Don and Mikey."

"Hey," Jess smiled.

"Sup," Will nodded, having regained his composure.

"Nice to meet you." Fitch smiled.

"Jack, pass me a coke?" Jess asked. Jack grabbed one from the mini fridge and tossed it at her.

"So, I'm going to ask this again. What does any of this have to do with us?" Raph asked, looking at the group of people.

"Uh, we were kinda sent here to take you back to Trinity with us, so you could.... you know, discover your heritage and all that." Jess explained.

"Why?" Leo asked apprehensively.

"Well, you guys are Weir. If you continue to be oblivious to it people are going to find you, sell you, torture you, things like that." Jack shrugged.

"We're Where?" Mikey asked.

"Weir," Seph corrected. "From the flow of power, i can tell you right now, that Leo's a wizard." He nodded at the teen, who's eyes widened.

"Ooooh... what am I?" Mikey asked excitedly.

"Probably a sorcerer or a seer, they're more common." Seph said. Mikey huffed and sat back into a chair.

"By his strength and fighting force, I think Raph's a warrior." Jack said, looking the muscular teen up and down critically.

"You're the smart one, right?" Ellen asked Don, who nodded.

"Sorcerer." Seph said simply. Don nodded. Madison was looking at Mikey. Suddenly, she smiled.

"You're an elicitor." She informed him.

"What is it?" He asked.

"They can absorb magic and transfer it elsewhere, and are totally intangible to the magic of the guilds." Seph said. "They're probably almost as uncommon as warriors, seeing as how there are only four warriors left."

"Cool!" Mikey's eyes lit up.

"So are you coming with us then?" A beautiful woman with violet eyes asked from behind them.

"Who're you?" Leo asked politely.

"Linda Downey." She shook the brunette boy's hand and walked over to her son. She hugged Seph, even though he was almost two feet taller than her. "I'm Seph's and Jess's mother and Jack's aunt."

"Where did you guys want to take us again?" Leo asked, knowing the answer he'd give would be yes.

"Trinity Ohio." Will said.

"We'll go with you." The four boys said at once.

"Good. We leave in the morning." Hastings said, appearing as if by magic. some jumped, like the anaweir and the ninjas, who weren't used to Hastings. But Seph, Jack, Ellen, Jess and Linda just smiled at the man.

"I was wondering when you'd show up, Lee." Linda smiled.

Chapter 2 continued soon.

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New TMNT Crossover Fic Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100New TMNT Crossover Fic Right_bar_bleue

Favorite Turtle : I love Mikey the most for his childish humor (and kick butt fighting style with those chucks!) that makes me laugh evey time I see an eppie with him in it, no matter how many times I see that episode. YET...I have come to respect them all. Donnie for his strong intellect and ability to make a smart joke (which, most of the time, I get them!), Raph for his Tough Turtle attitude and soft side (OMGsh, so CUTE!!), and Leo for his leader personality and caring for his family (if only he didn't take the blame so much...). And who could forget Master Splinter, the rat that loves and trains and is funny in his "old man" way!
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PostSubject: Re: New TMNT Crossover Fic   New TMNT Crossover Fic Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 4:06 pm

This sounds sooooooooooooo interesting
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Number of posts : 768
Age : 24
Location : Narnia
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New TMNT Crossover Fic Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100New TMNT Crossover Fic Right_bar_bleue

Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: Re: New TMNT Crossover Fic   New TMNT Crossover Fic Icon_minitimeThu Dec 15, 2011 1:58 am

Chap 2 part deux

Jess sighed deeply- It was storming out, so their flight was postponed and she was on hotel arrest- again.

One mistake, though.

They left her alone with Linda. The enchantress was way more powerful than Jess's fitful enchanter powers- she was born an enchanter but held a warrior's stone- but she was always easy to guilt-trip.

"You must be bored," Jess said. Linda looked up from the manila folder she was reading.

"Not really, no."

"Really? I mean, you're stuck here alone with me, and we're in the stupid hotel while everybody else is off learning about medieval history and the guilds and all that, even Will and Fitch, the anaweir pair, and we're here, doing nothing."

"You really want out." it wasn't a question and Jess smirked.

"Kinda yes." She grinned at her mom, her blue eyes flashing to purple, then gold and then green as she worked what little enchanting skill she had.

Linda was about to say something when her phone rang. "Hello?"

"Linda? Yeah, Mikey just told me to call you, he said he could see the future and Jess was about to trick you or something." Leo was on the other line. Linda laughed at that. Michelangelo wasn't a soothsayer or seer, yet he had a talent for palmistry and reading the cards. She'd taught him a bit yesterday. They were all pretty good friends by now.

Jess, hearing this, scowled.

"If Mikey keeps selling me out I'll cut his heart out!" She grabbed a dagger from who-knows-where, jumping nimbly to her feet as if to prove it.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." Linda hung up and gave Jess a look. "If you out that away right now I'll take you to lunch and maybe we can go shopping."

"Yus!" Jess jumped up, tossed her dagger down on the bed and grabbed Linda's hand, dragging her out of the room.

"Damn you warriors are strong!" Linda exclaimed.

"You know it!" Jess laughed.
"Where could they possibly have gone?" Jack demanded, irritated. "There's no sign of a struggle so they left of their own free will." They were all in the hotel room as Jack examined his cousin's favorite dagger.

"It's New York. They could be anywhere," Leo pointed out.

"Like shopping." Hastings was reading a note in Linda's careful handwriting.

"Yeah," Mikey looked at it. "And getting lunch."

"Are we stupid or what?" Ellen laughed.

"We're almost as bad as Leesha," Seph agreed.

"Who?" Raph and Don asked.

"Jack's ex." Madison explained. "Real bi*ch. Wizard."

"She slipped flame in my drink once. I burned a warehouse down." Seph muttered. "I had really bad control back then."

"Why dosen't Leo do stuff like that?" Don asked.

"Do you guys live with anybody?" Hastings asked.

"Our adoptive father." Raph answered shortly.

"He probably has ya'll doped up on weirsbane. It keeps your powers in check." Madison said.

"Well he does make us take medicine twice daily. Something about our metabolism." Mikey put in.

"Bull. Weirsbane. I was doped up on it until I was sixteen, then I skipped it once. I started to manifest then and Mercedes helped a lot." Jack sat down.

"I like Mercedes. She seems nice." Seph said.

"She is. Mercedes Foster is a sorcerer. She can help Don a lot." Ellen said. Don smiled.

"So this medicine we take stops us from using our powers?" Leo asked.

"Yeah. It stops you from leaking magic so people don't notice you." Hastings told them.

"We're back!" Jess called as she and Linda entered. Will, Fitch and Madison once again jumped about two feet in the air. The girls were both carrying shopping bags.

"I love New York." Linda said happily.

"Well, say goodbye. Our plane can leave now." Hastings told them all to pack.


Trinity, Ohio was a small college town on the edge of a lake. It was currently half in ruins from a war that had ended only a few months earlier. Wizards had lain siege to the town.

"You four can stay at my house and I'll stay at Seph's." Jack told the ninjas.

"Jackson!" Becka, Jack's anaweir mother hugged him as the cars stopped in front of Jack's house.

"Hi mom." He hugged her back, which was awkward considering he was a foot and a half taller than her. "I want you to meet my new friends. They need a place to stay."

"No problem. You can stay with Linda and they can stay at our house." Jack grinned back pointedly. His mother was always picking up strays. "But for now why don't you all some in for some tea and tell me about the trip."
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Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: Re: New TMNT Crossover Fic   New TMNT Crossover Fic Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16, 2011 2:51 am

3 - Small Town Life, Killers and Meeting Leesha Middleton

Leo grunted as he pulled a rope tight. He was working at the docks with Jack part-time. Seeing as how he was working for the council of Weir, the warrior didn't need a job job. Actually, most of the Weir in town were working on the council. Linda, Jess, Ellen, Seph, Jack and the boys were all working as under cover operatives, so Jess was currently gone. In Paris. And Seph was freaking out worse than Jack, which was scary.

"How're you liking Trinity?" Jack asked, wiping sweat from his forehead and grinning. The red head currently had his hair shorter than he'd worn it since the Tournament at Raven's Ghyll three years ago, when he was sixteen.

"It's.... different." Leo answered, shrugging.

"Yeah. The small town: Where others make it their business to shove their noses in yours." Jack rolled his eyes, but Leo knew he didn't mind. There was one problem for Jack right now: His father.

"How's ol' dad?" Leo raised an eyebrow, lashing out another rope.

"Mr. Bigshot lawyer's still trying to get me to work at his law firm, still complaining about me looking like a bodybuilder, still completely clueless about the guilds. Same old same old." Jack shrugged. "Break time? Mom's making sandwiches."

"Let's go." It was no secret. Rebecca Downey made the best sandwiches in Ohio.

"Seph. Calm the heck down." As the two neared the house they heard Seph and Madison arguing.

"I'm worried! I didn't even know I had a twin until three months ago!" Seph exclaimed.

"Jeez Seph, give it a rest, will ya?" Raph asked in an annoyed tone. He was currently immersed in training with Leander Hastings and was only taking a break for lunch.

"She'll be good. I helped train her myself." Jack grinned as he and Leo entered the kitchen. There was a jug of iced tea and a half-empty plate of sandwiches on the table, where the three of them sat.

"Wher're the others?" Leo asked, sitting and grabbing a ham sandwich.

"They're at the river down by Coalton County." Madison explained.

"Nice." Jack nodded, rummaging through the fridge and grabbing a beer. Just then Linda swept into the room, took the beer and put it back. She glared at Jack, who gave her a steady look.

"I'm nineteen, aunt Linda. I can drink." He said.

"Twenty one." She walked away. Seph laughed.

"In Canada, it's eighteen." Seph was a Toronto boy (Yay! Go Jays! Lol jk my fav team for baseball is Seattle.) born and raised in the land of the Brave.

"Ah, to be Canadian. I can sail past the Sisters and then I'd be allowed." Jack said wistfully. The Sisters were a group of Islands on the lake. There was also a mine deep beneath them that went all the way through the borders.

"Maybe one day." Madison patted his arm and he shrugged, grabbing lemonade.


Jess sighed. She was sitting in the Cafe de Flore, talking to a man who was either an airhead or very resistent to Enchanters.

"Je comprends que vous savez quelque chose sur Simon Paige." she said. In english, it meant: I understand you know something about Simon Paige. He was the previous warriormaster of the Red Rose and he'd been stirring up trouble. Then the waiter arrived.

"Vous dezirez?" He asked.

"Une limonade, Sil vous plait." Jess answered. The man across from her, Jaques, said, "Un coca, serveur."

"Je ne sais rien à propos Paige, enchanteur. Prenez vos questions ailleurs et laissez-moi." Jaques told her as soon as the waiter left. Or, in English: I know nothing about Paige, enchanter. Take your questions elsewhere and leave me be. Damn, he was good.

"Vous devez savoir par ma réputation que je ne suis pas un echanter. Je suis un guerrier et je peux facilement vous tuer à travers la table et le faire ressembler à un accident." In english: You should know by my reputation that I'm not an echanter. I am a warrior and I can easily kill you from across the table and make it look like an accident.

So maybe she was bluffing a bit. Her methods were effective, if a bit noticeable.

Jaques fell for it and gulped, paling as the waiter set his soda down in front of him. Jess smirked as she sipped her lemonade.

"Vous allez moi dire tout ce que je veux savoir, Jaques, ou vous ne verrez jamais votre copine Francaise belle. Verrer. Encore une fois." English: You are going to tell me everything I want to know, Jaques, or you will never see your lovely Frech girlfriend. Ever. Again.

She added magic to her words, to convince him.

It worked.

She left his body by the Eiffel Tower for his girlfriend to find. That was what Hastings had said: Interrogate him and kill him, so nobody could find out she'd been there.

Especially not Paige.

It was easy for a hard-wired killer, despite how much she hated her nature.

Mikey and Will were sitting in the Ice cream shop when she walked in. Leesha Middleton was small, curvy, sad, obviously a wizard, and beautiful, with dark hair and eyes. Will and Fitch had told the elicitor a lot about Leesha. She once was an airhead Princess. Then she was a bi*chy trader. Then she was still a bi*ch, only now she was affiliated to the White Rose. Then she was being threatened to be a bi*ch or she`d die. Then she fell in love. Her love died. She was now sad, and on our side.End of story.

She looked damn right depressed.

"Hi Will." She said softly, holding a small cu of soft served chocolate ice cream. Will smiled sadly.

"Hi Leesha. How're you coping?"

"I'm okay. I miss Jason." She sniffed and played with the ice cream.

"Us too. This is my friend Mikey. Mikey, Leesha Middleton." Will introduced.

"Hi." Mikey said awkwardly.

"Nice to meet you, Mikey." Leesha smiled but it seemed forced.

"Will told me a lot about you." Mikey said, for lack of finding something else to say.

"I guess he mentioned what a god-awful person I used to be, huh?" He took a bite of ice cream. The boys looked at each other uneasily. They weren't expecting that.

"It's okay. I changed." Leesha smiled sadly again. Will had mentioned her staying in the apartment over Jack's garage, where the previous resident, Necodemus Snowbeard had passed on after nearly a thousand years of living.

"The thing is, Mikey hadn't expected her to look so... fragile, for lack of a better word. he'd heard all wizards were tougher than that.

It's almost two am. Night guys. Hope the French didn't confuse you too much, it's my esecond language since, ya know, Cnanada's bi-lingual.
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New TMNT Crossover Fic
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