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 Darkness is Hungry

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PostSubject: Darkness is Hungry   Darkness is Hungry Icon_minitimeWed Dec 28, 2011 2:35 am

Uh hey its Fallen here oh man it’s been way too long since I’ve written any fan fiction so here is my new story Darkness is Hungry

Tell me what you think ^~^


Finnegan Kyle Edwards brushed back his wet blonde curls and sighed openly. His reflection in the cold bathroom mirror could have been worse, but then again what’s worse than a busted lip and a bruised cheek bone? He turned the sink tap on slowly not wanting to wake his mother who was snoring softly in the lounge room down the empty hall. The splashing water down the drain ripped a hole in the screaming silence of the dead house, Finnegan rinsed the dirt from his hands and forearms, it was too late to think about having a shower rising would have to do for now. He then proceeded to wipe his face with a white washer; after he was almost finished he paused and pulled the face washer away and looked as the white washer was now black with dirt.

“I have to clean that” He muttered but just threw the washer back under the tap and wrung it out. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and tore his dirty shirt off before throwing it into the wash basket. His mother would surely notice the dirt the blood and the tears in his new shirt, the one she had only just bought him, the shirt one he had begged her for, for months, the shirt she had to dip into their savings to buy, just so when he went to school he wouldn’t feel self-conscious about the second hand clothes he received from his twenty year old brother, of course she would notice, so how would he explain it? Of course he would have to make something up he couldn’t tell her the truth she wouldn’t take it all too well. Maybe something like when he was walking back home he wanted to take a detour to get home quicker and then tripped and fell into the bushes those prickly ones that hurt to touch, also in the darkness he had lost some of the money he had earned from work, maybe she’ll buy it or maybe she’ll just sigh and begin to cry again. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

Finnegan threw the rest of his dirty clothes into the wash basket, turned off the cold bathroom light and tiptoed down the hall making sure to miss the extra noisy floorboards. He opened his door and stared as the light from the hallway highlighted his sleeping sister’s face who he shared a room with. Abella Jane Edwards was the pride and joy of his mother, and although Finnegan loved her unconditionally his envy for her was slowly ripping away at him. She had an innocent face even for a fifteen year old and had strawberry blonde that caressed her pale face, she had blue green eyes just like Finnegan who also shared her cravings for nice clothes food and midnight raids of the pantry’s sweet box.

Pulling on his pants he slid under his covers and lifted them over his head. He held his palms in front of his face and felt the itching that he was now becoming accustomed to. The itching was getting worse but Finnegan was willing to pull through, soon after hitting a tormenting peak the itching subsided and a warm pink glow surrounded his hands stopping after his wrists he smiled at the light and wiggled his fingers he brought them close to his face they were warm not precisely hot but very warm. Soon the glowing began to flicker as it cut out, Finnegan winched and darkness consumed once again he sighed and let his heavy eyelids drop lower and lower.

Finnegan rolled over never noticing the elongated shadow that stood at the head of his bed.

“Darkness is watching...” it whispered.

“And Darkness is Hungry...”
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Darkness is Hungry
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