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 mikey's secret training

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PostSubject: mikey's secret training   Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:21 pm

"MIKEY, MASTER SPLINTER WANTS YOU" raph yelled. "UH,I AM BUSY. MAYBE LATER." Mikey said. he had master splinter's broken vase in his hands. "i am dead" Dead he said. "MICHELANGELO, i called for you and....."" sorry master splinter. i..i..i."
"follow me" splinter said. yep i am dead. mikey thought."knee my son." splinter said. "i need to talk to you. i am sending you off to a secret training place." he said. "like were leo went." mikey said. "yep" "oh brother" mikey said. "come back in a year. and NO GAMES" splinter said. "i can get April to take you. okay" " yes sensi" mikey said. "hey guys" April said. "April, i need you to do me a favor. take Michelangelo to that place leo trained. splinter said. " no problem" April said "bye guys" "bye mikey" all the turtles said.
more coming soon -ninjagirl
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mikey's secret training
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