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 Guidelines to good introduction thread

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PostSubject: Guidelines to good introduction thread   Guidelines to good introduction thread Icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 4:49 pm

Guidelines to good introduction thread 236708 Tutorial for writing a good introduction thread Guidelines to good introduction thread 178899

Hello and welcome to TMNT Forum! Guidelines to good introduction thread 222570

For beginning, good choice for deciding to read this post. It's really helpful when you don't know exactly how to introduce yourself to already existing members in this Forum!

Since you've decided to register to this Forum, it means that you're fan of TMNT, and that you want to meet more TMNT fans from all over the world, right? So, in order to meet them, they first need to know a few, very basic, things about you. For that purpose, you should take 10 minutes and write a good introduction thread, which shouldn't be too long, because you don't want others not to read yuor post just because they've been bored by the looks of it, right?

So, to begin, you should first, of course, write a greeting to everyone on the Forum. Then, add a few sentences about yourself, such as where you are from, how old are you, since when have you been fan of TMNT, who's your favourite turtle and why, and so on, and so on. You'll see, by writing these things you're already going to start typing more and more things that I didn't mention here. It's not that hard.

It's, however, a tip not to get to far from the word Introduction. Don't write too long posts which noone is going to read, but don't make your post fit in just few lines. Also, here are some examples of bad posts:

Quote :

Ya get it? It's bad because:

  • It's all in caps - maybe you didn't know yet, but on internet, shouting and loud speaking is expressed by writing in caps. You don't want people to think you're shouting at them;
  • It has horrible grammar, if we can call it grammar. It's not easy to read posts without dot, comma and good spelling (luv => love);
  • The post doesn't contain any practicular information about the user, except that users' favourite turtle, and,
  • Leo's not the best turtle, Raph rulez Razz

A good example of the introduction thread is here:
Quote :
Hey, everyone!

Well, I'm Peter, and I come from USA. I've been fan of TMNT ever since I know for myself, been watching old 1987 toon, and than 2003. God, I love Raph, he rocks!!! I'm 14 years old, and I just enjoy playing computer games, especially WoW. If you wanna play with me, send me PM! Anime smile

Well, it might be too short, but after all, isn't in there enough information to get the general idea about the user you're talking to. You cna meet him/her better later, and this is just enough for the first contact.

Hopefully this helped you get the general idea of how to introduce yourself. Guidelines to good introduction thread 158684

Tutorial written by Raph95.
If you've noticed a spelling or grammar mistake, or have some ideas how to increase the quality fo this post, please contact me via Private Message

Guidelines to good introduction thread Siggie10

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Guidelines to good introduction thread
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