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 Thirteen Reasons Why (An X-Men Movieverse RPG)

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PostSubject: Thirteen Reasons Why (An X-Men Movieverse RPG)   Fri May 21, 2010 3:19 pm

Hey! I don't know if any of ya'll are X-Men fans, but I made this RPG forum. You can find me on there as Rogue. Here's the plot and whatnot:

A year after Alcatraz, the Phoenix has risen again. But this time, she's not out for blood. She's under control, and has turned to the mansion, resolved of the atrocities commited at Alcatraz. The X-Men may have moved on, but the non-mutant community hasn't forgotten the destruction Jean Grey caused while her powers were out of control.

Now, the Mutant Registration Law has been reintroduced into legistlastion, and the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters has been put on government lockdown, and all of it's residents forbidden to leave the grounds, where guards have been posted at the gates. The residents have been forced to wear special devices called inhibitor collars, which stop them from using their mutant powers.

This will go on until the Registration Act is passed, or dies in Congress. Or until an a war between the humans and mutants is started, a war that it seems even the X-Men can't prevent. There are thirteen reasons why this war should be started, and thirteen why it shouldn't. Which ones will you choose?

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Thirteen Reasons Why (An X-Men Movieverse RPG)
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