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 TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!)

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TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Right_bar_bleue

Favorite Turtle : Raphael! I guess I mostly like Raph cuz I can relate to him really well. Tough decision tho...
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!)   TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 27, 2011 1:14 pm

hehe, you sound like me now. Honestly, you should keep going. I love this story ^^
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TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Right_bar_bleue

Favorite Turtle : I love Mikey the most for his childish humor (and kick butt fighting style with those chucks!) that makes me laugh evey time I see an eppie with him in it, no matter how many times I see that episode. YET...I have come to respect them all. Donnie for his strong intellect and ability to make a smart joke (which, most of the time, I get them!), Raph for his Tough Turtle attitude and soft side (OMGsh, so CUTE!!), and Leo for his leader personality and caring for his family (if only he didn't take the blame so much...). And who could forget Master Splinter, the rat that loves and trains and is funny in his "old man" way!
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PostSubject: Re: TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!)   TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 12:36 pm

Ok, that's it, I'm updating this until it's finished.

TMNT: A Wolf Among Us

TMMT 2k3

Chapter 23: Michelangelo, not Mikey

Leo had woken up for training, noticed noting different, until he heard no snoring. Usually Raph is the one snoring like a chainsaw. Leo went to check on him, and his hammock was empty! he ran to check and see if the others were gone too. Mikey and Donnie were botrh mumbling in their sleep, amd Master Splinter was perfectly quiet in his meditation. And Falljoy...was gone too.

Everyone was ralleyed in the foyer, and everyone was tired, but the news all snapped them all awake, including the cat.

Commotion,, everyone babbling, Donnie evaluating their options, Mikey psycologically sweating.

Master splinter was the only one remotly calm.

"My sons! We can figure this out if we calm down!" His voice wasn't heard over the sound of their own thinking.

"We can all so search for the two of them," Mikey put in, "in fact, why not!" No one heard his opinion.

In due time, Leo calmed everyone down and let their opinions be heard.

Leo's opinion was to see if Raph can be reached by his shell cell, for it wasn't in his room.

Donnie's option was to technobabbly for anyone to understand.

Mikey's was the simplest: simply go out and search for them.

And once again, Mikey was dropped with "We have no leads, and New York is big enough," By Leo

"But Leo! We never know if we don't try!"

"But it's all luck of the draw, Mikey. You could be searching for hours, days, even weeks." A scared tension grew in the room.

"Why are you all against searching?! It can't hurt to just try! Can it?! And even if it's luck of the draw, you never know!"

"Because it is smart to think before you act, Mikey" Donnie put in.

"Shell, Donnie, have you ever NOT tried the smart way? It is possible to overthink it all, you know--!!"

They were interupted by the main door opening. Suprised, everyone turned to see an emo looking Raphael, and two beaten and malnourished humans.

"Raph!" "Casey!" "April!" Everyone yelled out, but those three stayed quiet as they walked into the Lair.

"Wait, where's F--?" Raph stared at Mikey as he asked that question, but he didn't back away, "Raph?! Where's Falljoy?!"


Raph suddenly clawed open the sandbag with his sai, and a tear fell from his eye.

"She's dead." April put in instantly

S-say what?

"She saved us from Slither, but the building fell on top of her."

"Slither?!" Mikey interjected


Mikey began to run to the door, but Leo stopped him.

"There's nothing you can do now Mikey. She's gone." Mikey's anger began to build

"You don't know the things I do."

"I just know you can't go searching for dead bodies blindly."

"She's not dead,"

"Yes, she is," Casey said

"Besides, even if she wasn't dead, we don't know where to look," Rage was mounting, "WE need to wait for leads--!!!!!"

The dam broke

"There you go again with your 'leads'!! Shell, if you really cared for someone, you would pend all night looking for someone, not just wait untill something popps up!!! You don't know when that lead came, and it may be expired!! And, for one, I read the comics!! Slither won't let Falljoy die like that, he wants to kill her by his own paws!"

Leo was taken aback by this sudden outburst,


"Oh no, you don't! You're going to talk to me about me acting all rash n' junk like that! But listen to me, you hardly cared about her in the first place. And even if you did, you sure didn't show it! You even saw her worse memory! and all you can do is wait until your precious 'leads' show up!"


"Don't you dare, Donnie! You're even worse! You spent all of your time working on that machine!! It's like you thought she was a nuicience and wanted her gone as soon as possible!!"

"I ne--"

"Then you should've expressed it more!!!" He put his hands to his head, "Oh my gosh, what is wrong with all of you?!?!?!? She reaches out to everyone who is a friend and you pushed her away!! And you all just talking about how we need to wait for leads!! She hardly knew them, but Falljoy went out looking for Casey and Apri--!!!" Mikey's face went from bitter rage to silent, stare-you-down-until-you-burn, peircing fury.

This unsettled everyone.

"You wouldn't even go out and look for Casey and April, our closest human friends," His voice was shaking with rage, "why would you go out and look for someone you all hardly know?"

With that, he let the words sink in, then he ran out into the sewer.

It was dead silent, and everyone was left in a guilty stupor.

"Yer not gonna let him go alone afte' dat, are ye?" Raph, voice came from behind Leo.


The wolf hit the ground hard, the Tolcom crystal bindings draining her strength and making her feel even sicker.

"I see you succeeded, Slither."

"Did you doubt me, Oroku Saki?" Slither's hissy voice had a tone of anger

"Just a tad, but there is no doubt now."

Slither hiss/growled

Falljoy wanted to retort at them, but the Tolcom forbade her to do so.

"And what of Hun? He hasn't reported back yet."

"Died in the structure's collapsing."

Saki looked indifferent.

"Well then, we have our final piece to our puzzle. Shall we begin?" Saki smirked

"Yessssssss," He put his face close the Falljoy's, "Let's."


The woman walked with a black headband and a Foot suit. The suit looked like normal enough, but the headband, it was radiating something. Something terrible.

Falljoy's eyes widened as the headband drew closer.

"Forgive me, young wolf..."



Mikey ran through the sewers, hoping to find the nearest manhole closest to the Foot headquarters. It was dark in there, and rubble still was there from the collapsed sewer tunnel. Mikey tripped and fell hard.

Despite himself, he started crying. He felt angry and pathetic, crying like this.

You know you can do this on your own.

Mikey's inner dialogue had finally surfaced, after thirteen years.

But how? He asked himself.

You've grown too accustomed to your stereotype that you've forgotten who you can be.

I was never one to shed a lot of blood, you know.

Yes, and I'm not saying you have to. Your stereotype blinds you from your true potential. Push aside your stereotype, let the true you shine.


Let me shine.

Mikey stood up. No, not Mikey. Mikey was sleeping. Michelangelo stood and ran.
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TMNT: A Wolf Among Us (Please Read! It's being neglected!)
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